Manchester Rape Crisis

began over thirty years ago as a feminist collective responding to the needs of women who shared their experiences of sexual violence. MRC is now a registered charity providing vital services for women and girls throughout Greater Manchester, and beyond.

Our Mission

As a feminist organisation MRC strives to make a positive difference in the lives of women by offering support to any women who has experienced sexual violence, either in her past or recently for as long as necessary. We also work to challenge the myths that surround sexual violence.

Our Principles

In line with the National Service Standards developed within Rape Crisis England and Wales our approach is based on 9 fundamental principles:

  1. MRC recognises the dynamics and impact of sexual violence within an equalities and human rights framework.
  2. MRC ensures that all interventions prioritise the safety, security and dignity of service users and staff/volunteers.
  3. MRC respects the diversity of service users and positively engages in anti-discriminatory practice, and service users are supported and assisted to access services on an equitable basis.
  4. MRC provides independent institutional/individual advocacy and/or support to promote the needs and rights of service users.
  5. MRC promotes empowerment and self help to enable service users to take control of their lives and inform the delivery and development of services.
  6. MRC respects and observes service users’ right to confidentiality and all service users are informed of situations where that confidentiality may be limited.
  7. MRC operates within a context of relevant inter-agency cooperation, collaboration and coordinated service delivery.
  8. MRC aims to challenge social tolerance of sexual and domestic violence and holds perpetrators accountable In all aspects of what they do. We work from the core belief that sexual violence is preventable.
  9. MRC strives to provide effective and accountable management in order to ensure that service users receive high quality services from appropriately qualified staff.

For further information on national standards please see

We are located: A five minute bus ride from the city centre