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Greater Manchester
Rape Crisis

& Sexual Abuse Support Centre

Listen, Believe, Support

We are a women led, women only service, committed to providing a safe space in which survivors can heal.

Survivor Videos

Three survivors have very courageously made a video in which they talk about their experience of sexual violence and the impact on their lives.

Although this video is very helpful it may also be very triggering so please think about the possible impact it may have on you before watching and take care of yourself. Please contact us if you think we can support you with your own experience or if you need information on how to get support for someone else.

You can access the videos here:


We promise to do three things


Women who have experienced sexual abuse often feel misunderstood and unheard.

Our experienced staff are fully trained to listen to what you have to say with respect and without judgement.


Women who have experienced sexual abuse often feel misunderstood and unheard.

our experienced staff will support you in making informed choices about your recovery.


You might be worried that people won't believe you and that you will be blamed for what happened.

We believe you.

We understand and appreciate the courage it can take to access support.

We want you to know you are not to blame and you are not alone. Sexual violence, including rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse, is traumatic and everyone responds differently. Whatever you feel is a completely valid response.

This site contains information about us, the different services we offer and how to access them. You can also find information about sexual violence and the impact it can have. There are suggestions to help you to develop strategies to manage overwhelming feelings, and links to other organisations for further information and support. There are also sections for those professionals, family and friends who are supporting someone who has experienced sexual violence.

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“I felt so supported by this group, they have been such an anchor for me at this difficult time”

GMRC Support group member since 2017


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