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A Breathing Space: Client-Led Stabilisation.

A safe space that will enable you to reconnect with your feelings.

A Breathing Space

We offer sessions to clients that provide a ‘breathing space’ for you i.e. a safe space that will enable you to reconnect with your feelings. These sessions will be unique to you and tailored to meet your individual needs. They provide a foundation for therapy to build on. This is done by providing you with:

  • psycho-educational information about how trauma can impact the body and brain
  • Developing breathing techniques
  • Building and gaining a deeper connection with your body
  • Developing the ability to get in touch with your senses and feelings

In a stabilisation session the therapist’s role is similar to that of a teacher. She will attempt to help you develop skills to increase the sense of control you experience in your life. The focus of the client-led stabilisation session is on the ‘here and now’. Your history, background and trauma are not discussed in detail as the purpose of the sessions are to allow you to develop and build your resources so you can address those issues later in therapy.

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