Our Board of Trustees meets once a month. The trustees understand the impact of sexual violence. They each bring their own particular skills, knowledge and expertise. Together they oversee the work and development of MRC and make sure that our services are accountable, accessible and appropriate. Trustees also ensure that we have enough resources to continue our work.

Chief Executive Officer/Manager

Anne Stebbings

Anne Stebbings reports to the Board of Trustees. She is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation. Her work includes supporting staff, developing policy, writing funding applications, and promoting our services within Greater Manchester. She also speaks on behalf of women who have experienced sexual violence in local and national forums. Anne has over 25 year’s experience in voluntary sector sexual and domestic violence services.

Clinical Lead

Shabana Baig

Shabana is responsible for the counselling service. Her work includes the recruitment of counsellors and supervising /supporting the counselling team. Shabana has 12 years experience as a counsellor and group worker for Manchester Rape Crisis and over 15 years experience of working in community development. Shabana also currently coordinates and runs MRCs South Asian Women’s Group.


MRC has a team of 20 qualified or final year student counsellors. Our counsellors are trained to listen carefully to women who have experienced sexual violence. They create a safe space to explore your feelings at your own pace and in your own time, to help you take more control of your life.

Each counsellor has their own particular way of working. They will discuss this with you at the start of your course of counselling. However, all our counsellors work within a framework of respect, non-judgment and unconditional positive regard. All our counsellors participate in clinical and group supervision.

Helpline Volunteers

Our helpline volunteers come from all walks of life. They complete specialist training so that they are ready to take your call. Our volunteers receive group supervision and get opportunities for further learning.

Anna Daly co-ordinates and supports our volunteers. She is our experienced counsellor and helpline worker

Independent Sexual Violence Advisor/Advocacy Worker

Alison Healicon and Angela Roberts

Alison Healicon and Angela Roberts provide practical support, advice, information and advocacy. They deal with issues around reporting to the police, the criminal justice process benefits, immigration, housing, and safety.

Both have experience in the field of domestic and sexual violence. Angela is also a trained counsellor.

Student Service

Kelly Savery

Lead Kelly Savery is responsible for our student service in Greater Manchester. She provides one-to-one counselling to student clients. She also supports counsellors working within the student service and delivers bespoke training on sexual violence.

Kelly is a counselling psychologist who specialises in supporting survivors of sexual violence.