MRC provides a confidential counselling and information service. Anything a woman or girl tells about herself and her experience is confidential to the staff of MRC. As counsellors, we do not accept individual confidences as these could prevent us from seeking support and advice and our isolation is never in the interests of the woman we are supporting

We will only talk to a third party concerning a woman or girl at her informed request and under negotiated conditions. It is our responsibility to inform her of all possible consequences of our action on her behalf

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • Suicide calls where we believe a woman to be at risk of dying and calls from children/adults whom we believe to be in a life-threatening situation. In such cases, we take action, assuming having sufficient information to act as permission to act (name/phone no./school etc.) We are open about our policy on confidentiality and explain its purpose as part of the counselling process.
  • If we seek information/advice from a third party with a woman’s consent, we endeavour to talk about her in a way which would not individually identify her.
    All recorded information on calls we take, correspondence, addresses and telephone numbers are kept in secure conditions and it is the responsibility of each MRC member to ensure the safe-keeping of all confidential material by following office procedure.
  • We are all encouraged to talk about our work within our responsibilities to under-take supervision. Under these circumstances, a woman’s confidentiality is maintained.