Our Confidentiality Policy

MRC provides a confidential counselling and information service.

MRC respects every person’s right to confidentiality. This means that we keep information about you secret and private. We work within Data Protection laws and our own Confidentiality Policy. All volunteers and staff are trained on how to do this.

MRC does need to hold certain information about you. For example, we may ask you for:

  • information about yourself and what you need
  • information on how you are as you move through our service
  • information on how we are doing as an organisation.

We keep all information we collect on paper in locked filing cabinets. Electronic records are kept on a secure server with restricted access. This may include referral forms, assessments, client records and feedback forms.

In principle all your information is protected and will not be shared with anyone outside of MRC. However, the law states that we have to break confidentiality in the following circumstances:

  • You allow us to pass on information to specified people and organisations
  • You tell us something about children being at risk of abuse or harm
  • There is a serious risk of harm to yourself and others
  • There is a serious risk of suicide
  • A court or law requires that MRC provides information

If we need to share information we will ask you for permission. Where this is impossible, MRC will discuss with you what will be shared and whom with. We will keep you informed at all times.